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I did two spring/summer/falls blending mostly wvo/petro D and no heat mods. I would also do WVO/Kero/Petro D blends that consisted of a couple gallons of kerosene per tank. I would also put like a 1/2 gallon of naptha (white gas colman fuel) but as things continued to work well I started skipping the naptha and then the kerosene. Realistically most of the time in the warm weather I would skip the kerosene for the ease of using fuel from the pump and still use a gal or so per fillup if it is handy enough.
I would go as high at 80-85%WVO in the mix.
Last summer I added a heat exchanger. I go as high as 90%WVO in the mix in the warm summer months. Heat exchanger gets things up to 140F fairly quick.
So all out Ive got 4 years of blending. 3 of those years with no heat mods and mostly Dino D rather than kero for the blend.
No filter plugging probs. Filter the oil really good and you realistically have cleaner fuel than dino D from a pump. My filters seem to last longer than pump fuel. I do keep several filters in the trunk.
Im in the southeast like you. I stop all my blending and use Dino D from December till the end of Feb.
Talked to a guy in Knoxville that has done 3 summers of 100% WVO in his 240D with no heat mods.
With high ratios like over 70% WVO you will get a real tangible reduction in power and acceleration. Some cetane booster helps. Not a big negative though when fuel is free.
Of the people that had bad dino D/WVO blending experiences on the infopop board my theory is that there is a combination of two things. 1 water in the wvo, and 2. (drum roll please for my big theory) The nightmare stories seem to always be in California. I suspect that their pump Dino D is formulated differently to make it more prone to sludgy reactions with WVO.
Im not really concerned with the talk about coking. Coking is essentially dirty injectors in my mind and the condition can be reversed by using Dino D or injector cleaners if needed.
84 300SD 274K
38K miles on flatplate heat exchanger and various diesel/veg blends. prior to that 4K miles on unheated veggie blends with kero and DinoD.
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