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88 MB 300E is cutting off while driving

Hello again everyone,

This is what happens all of a sudden.

First while I am driving the engine will shut off. All the electrical items appear to work. I will turn the ignition and the car will start again, most of the times. Sometimes it will take 10 times before it starts.

Yesterday, when I was driving, I press the gas petal to pass another car and a complete loss of power occur. I press the petal to the floor but no power. It felt like it was in neutral because the engine rev, but no power. I had to stop. The engine was still running. I shut it off, and it took a jump start to started again. After that she drove fine for about 10 miles when, this time, the engine shut off while I was driving.

Does anybody have any idea what is happening?

It starts without any problem in the morning. It runs great, without any sputtering.

Battery is four months old.

Thank you for any help.

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