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I want to make a correction. After reading the last post, I went down in the dark and looked at the locked car, that is , with the alarm on. It has a little flashing light in what I always thought was just a flat black plate. Impossible to see in the daytime and pretty dim at night. To think I have had the car for nine years and never saw it! I guess I am usually not in the car when it locked with the key.

My car has a sunroof. If I remember, it was a no cost option. You could get them without a sunroof at the same price. I do not know if headlight wipers were an option but I assume they could be. I guess yours might have been added later but if I remember when I looked years ago, installing the wipers was not too bad but the wiring had to be added and the switch installed. Decided it was not that big a problem in the New Mexico desert.

As far as options, doesn't the plate under the hood tell all of the options on a particular car? The only thing is to get the decoding of what the number mean. I know some of them but certainly not all.
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