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1991 190E Dash removal

I would appreciate your advice on removing the dash on our 1991 190 E 2.6. I have the bottom panel and "roll bar" removed. Looking up into the underside of the dash I see the only way to get at the rear of the speedometer is to remove the air flow duct. I also see by other posts that there are five spring clips that hold the instrument panel in place. The questions I have are: is the special tool necessary or is there an alternative tool that can be used. What color is the speedometer cable. There is a blue cable that goes behind the heater duct. I have not removed any cables yet or the duct. It sure is tight in there. The car now has about 117000 miles on it, so I plan on changing most if not all of the bulbs so I only have to do this (hopefully) once. I have reviewed other threads on this issue. Some suggest proceeding from behind the dash others from the front, my preference is to remove the least amount of items from the underside of the dash as possible. Any advice you may have to offer on this would be very much appreciated. Thank-you.

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