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Transmission surge 1998 C280 Sport

My 1998 C280 Sport on occasion when slowing down the transmission will downshift itself very severely. The shifter is in drive, the speed will be about 15 miles per hour and it is almost like the shifter is being put into 1st gear. I now have 78,000 miles on the car (highway) and the car is Starmarked to 100,000. Oil changed regularly at 3500 - 4500 miles and all regular services have been performed and although I was told I did not need the "major" fluid changes at 60,000 I had the dealer perform those anyhow. (Peace of mind). I have taken it the local Mbenz dealer in the Chicagoland area on this issue and they say it is driving like a new car. Well it normally does except for this tranny gremlin as described above.

Since it is still under MBenz warranty I would like to have it dealt with a a dealer if a potentially major issue. Other than this the car has been trouble free since new. Any suggestions, advice etc. Thank-you.


98 C280 Sport
91 190 E 2.6
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