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I just replace the battery for my 98 E320 with an interstate battery Model MTP91 (Type 45?) for $93. My original battery shorted out under load.

The battery is located under the rear passenger seat. There are three bolts to undo. One for the positive, one for the negative, and one for the bracket.

When you pull the old battey out a clear hose will come off. The hose is a vent hose which vents any acid fumes out of the car. The interstate battery is shorter than the original and does not have a connection to connect the vent hose up to .

I will keep my eye out to make sure that the new battery does not "leak" any acid fumes.

I hooked up my battery jump starter before I removed the old battery so that I didn't loose any radio codes or presets.

So far the interstate battery is working fine. Mike if you have any additional questions I will be out of the country the next week and I won't be able to get on the internet.

FYI, I noticed that sears sells a similar battery called the international series for $100.
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