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Glow plugs... You tell me...

My glow plug light is not coming on. I tested all the plugs, and #4 was not giving me a continuity reading. I replaced it. All the wires from the relay to the plug are giving me a good reading. All the other plugs are giving me a good reading. The fuse on the relay checks out. I've got 12v running from the relay to the 5 glow plug output pins. Whenever I unplug the plug wires from the relay, I get the glowplug light via turning the key, so it's not the bulb...

When I'm in the car, with the come light on, the dome light dims until I hear the relay kick off, so I know the plugs are drawing some power.

What am I missing here?

BTW 1982 300TD.

'90 300SE --- 173k miles --- (Odometer just stopped working!)

'85 Cali 300D --- 193500 miles --- (Second one) Sold Nov '10

'82 300TDT --- 236,xxx miles --- (My first one) Sold July '09
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