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Question Timing Chain Rail Break

I'm wondering if anyone out there could give me an educated guess or opinion. My mom's '87 420SEL (w/135,000 miles) just broke its timing chain rail & this is how it happened...

The car was backing out of the garage & it begins to make some kind of loud, weird, metal chain like noise, then the engine was shut off, then restarted but the noise are now louder, so it's shut off again, now the car will not start at all. There are no visible sign of valve cover damage. When my cousin took the valve cover off, pieces of the plastic rail fell out!! but the chain is still on the gear & it turns fine. The engine was on for maybe no more than 30 secs at a time.

Without looking at it & listening the description above, my dealer's service adviser thinks there is a "very good" possibility (sounded like better than 90% to me) that there was NO valve damage. He also said that you can't visually inspect for valve damage by only removing the valve cover in this case. You would have to repair the TC, then do a compression test... but he believes the engine speed was low enough to not cause any damage to the valves. Does this sound possible??? or does always involve valve damage no matter what.

If I should take his word for it & sunk $1,000 for the TC repair, pray really long & hard that there will be no valve damage, or otherwise I would have to shell out another $4,500. Or I simply just call it quits now because $5,500 is just not worth it.


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