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still no go

hmmm.... well, I went ahead and tried the wd40, no luck. This time I actually checked the fuel pump, it's goes on when I turn the key. I actually took out an injector and watched it spray fuel while the engine turned over, and I can also smell unburned gas, when I turn it over, coming out of the exhaust, so I'm positive that it's getting fuel. I figure it has to have something to do with the ignition. I took out a spark plug to make sure that it was firing, and it was. Like I said, it seems like it might be a weak spark though. Would it be possible that the plug would spark in outside air but not under compression? I'm pretty sure the timing is fine unless merceded engines just occasionally jump the timing like 80 degrees off, the distributer is very tight, no movement there. In any case, thanks so much for your guys' suggestions, I appreciate it, any other ideas you might have?
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