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Question oil temp switch or oil pressure switch?

I am having a problem with my oil bounces like its trying to find where it should be

the idle does not change..just the oil pressure gauge. sometime when at a stop light it stays at 3 sometimes 1 and sometimes 2

the engine feels like its got chunks of air, fuel or oil running through it..

they did a fuel pressure check and everything is fine.

then they checked out the O2 sensor..well the machine they used was flat line..they messed with the air fuel mixture and it wouldnt change..

now he seems to think it is the oil temp switch but after reading the posts here and the CD it might be the oil pressure switch?

could someone tell me what the oil temp switch does beside the oil temp..

and what does the oil pressure switch do?

and why would this guy get a flat line on the O2 sensor?


1982 380 SEC
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