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The problem with using the cars charging system to charge a dead battery is that it puts a extreme strain on the charging system . Most car manufactures strongly recommend against doing this as it can damage the alternator and electrical components . If the manufacture of a battery gives charging guidelines and they are followed then that is what the warranty is for . The one thing that has to be remembered as I posted above is that Optima's do not tolerate being discharged to the point where they wont start a car once they discharge this far they just don't seem to recover fully , they are not deep cycle batterys . The reason I like them isn't because they are the best battery out there but because they don't leak any acid and I hate that type of damage to a car it is very difficult to repair . This is the reason I have been only using factory Mercedes batterys or the Optima I have not had either one leak but I have had them go bad over time . I have seen battery acid cause thousands of dollars of damage to a car and all of this can occur in less than two years .
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