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Talking Engine Running!!!

My engine runs!!

After a couple (few?) of months (3 weeks waiting for a chain press) I got the 190E 2.6 running. I haven't put it in gear yet. I still have it up on stands. Tomorrow I will check for leaks, etc. It fired up right away, but took alot of cranking to get it so it would run smoothly.

I'm glad everybody is asleep, there was smoke everywhere! I hope that is not uncommon. I would think there is alot to burn off. When I shut it down, it still would not idle by itself, but it had not run that long yet. The air filter etc. is still not on yet.

There is a vacuum operated contraption next to the fuel distributor that has a black hose running straight at the valve cover. Where does this attach? Does anyone know?

I hope this holds up. I didn't put a ton of money into this, but it was quite enough for me.

A synopsis:

Broken timing chain at speed bent all but two valves. Also had extremely low oil pressure while hot.

Did complete valve job. New chains, rails, guides, gears, sprocket, oil pump, oil pressure sender, all new seals, motor mounts, rod and main bearings. Total cost including machine shop ~ $1200.

I would like to thank everybodys help in this forum. You are all great!

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