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Windows off the track.....

Hey, I'm sure many of you have had this problem before. 3 out of the 4 windows on my 1989 300SEL have gone off track, one broke a part on the way down, and the others just plane fell off? I don't know, I just took it in to the shop and had to peel the money out. Thing is, since this occurs so often, has anyone seen a guide to fixing it or could write one if it is not to complicated? Also currently our 91 Lincoln Towncar's front driverside window is off the track and we had to patch it with tape to save it from the rain because we just had to pay a pretty penny to get the mercedes sunroof fixed which was also off track, what do you know Anyone know the solution to the mercedes or the lincoln? or know a forum for linolns? I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks guys! (or girls)
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