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OK gang I will recheck fuel filter It is new maybe five tanks run threw it, I suppose you could still be getting junk off the walls of the tank,The car sat for several years this was why I changed the gas tank screen, It was not bad, I have replaced it though, I am going to recheck the fuel accumulator too,I guess you can get a bad one,changed it last week. Well hard work today so tomorrow will be for the car.JNT
OK I did the checks this am,after the car sat over night things must have settled in the tank it fired up and ran well,I did play with fuel mix and did not have my guages with so I had to check it this am,very little off got 50 and 50.3, after reset,Now I do have a pump that sounds like gravel,or marbles are in it,it is the first pump.I dont know if that is norm or not.JNT
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