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Joe Stein
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Unhappy Ok, what did I break know?

This after noon I decided to change oil and rotate the tires on my 1993 500SEL. Checking everything under the hood, I removed the air cleaners and pulled a spark plug on the passenger bank. Everything looked good and I topped all of the fluids. I filled the oil, installed a new oil filter. When I started the car, the engine wanted to die. I took it for a short ride and the engine has no power. Under light throttle, the speed will gradually increase, but under hard throttle, nothing happens. The transmission shifts strange. When the engine idles the RPM oscillates from under 500 to about a 1,000. My wife could hear the noise from the engine oscillating in the house. What are the two looms of wires for that attach right above the passenger side rear cam cover. It appeared that one of the plugs was coming out and I pushed it back in. Thanks
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