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need help with benz

the mechanic has been through my car with a fine tooth comb...

I have a bouncy oil dash gauge...
when at a stop oil gauge bounces..OK so people have told me its the oil pressure switch..and thats what I told my thats feels like chunks of air, fuel or oil going through the engine of the car..but the idle doesnt change.

the mechanic checked out the fuel pressure..that works fine..he hooked up his computer to my O2 sensor and got a flat another mechanic thinks it was my cadaletic converter, could be today he checked out my lambada control unit..that works fine and he by passed the fuel frequency valve and the reading on the computer was where it was suppose to be..

so I came home to call places to find a fuel frequency valve and talk to another mechanic and he said my problem is my relay overload protection one...and he tells me that he has never heard of anyone changing the fuel frequency valve before...

anyone have any ideas? should I get the fuel frequency valve changed or the relay changed?

or does anyone have an ideas?

1982 380 SEC

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