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the O2 sensor is reading flat increase when its unpluged and no mechanic says the cadaltic converter is plugged..

the fuel pressure was checked thats fine..the lambada control unit checked thats fine...the idle control valve checked..fine..idle control valve checked its fine

when he bypassed the fuel frequency valve it ran better up in the 50%...pluged it back in 20%..
he wants to replace that part and the oil temp switch..but when I called a mechanic to see how much the parts were he told me neither one were was my overload protection relay that was bad...I can not find anyone who has had that part replaced my mechanic has never done one..and the mechanic I called for the part has never sold one or replaced one...mine looks (20 years old) but its not leaking anywhere...

looked at the overload protection relay doesnt have the top fuse blown..

is really confused???

1982 380 SEC
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