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Air Conditioner Problem

Thank You for your response.

I get heat out by pressing the * or EC button and any of the arrow buttons. I seem to get heat from the right places in respect to which button I push. I get mixed air from the middle grill, so I normally close it, until it gets too hot, then I open it and reduce the fan speed and it stays fairly nice in the car. I was told by the dealer that sold me the car that the original owner, rather than have the AC controller fixed, had a repair person in some way rearrange the connectors on the back of the controller so that the button above the * button would turn on the air conditioner.
It works this way but there is no control.

I am a computer controls engineer and would like to pull the controller out and replace it with my own design using a microprocessor but I can't seem to find and real good wiring diagram for the controller input and output lines. I would leave the panel the same because I like the original appearance.

Thank You,
Don Umble
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