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The dealership wanted 10k to starmark the car and that would only last for 26k miles (to 100k), so my son didn't think that was a good investment.

He can still get a warranty but he's not leaning that way either. He can get powertrain warranty for 2500.

I'll be able to give more specifics on metal fragments this weekend. The mechanic just put everything back the way it was and added needed fluid. There is no record or evidence the pan was ever removed. Some fragments I would call sizeable, but I can't remember how many.

We had hoped the dealership would pull the pan, but they refused to do so because it isn't at 100k miles!

We were with the mechanic when the pan was removed at the Nashville shop. They are extremely honest and have a great reputation here. (I wish I had personally found them about 5 years ago before going thru 4 other shops).

I'm not sure what you mean by "quantify?" The owner of the shop, when I told him that MB would do nothing said, Well, you might as well just drive it 'til it goes out. Change the filter, clean the pan, and who knows, it may go 10k or it may go 100k." So he didn't recommend going out and buying a transmission.


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