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Do any of you think the poor performance could somehow be related to the plugged vacuum line leading to the fuel distributor, or the warm-up regulator? The odometer indicates this car only has 128K miles. If this miliage is accurate , it seems unlikely that the engine would be completely shot. I want to make sure I have eliminated all possibilities before performing a rebuild.

According to the dealer, the car had been sitting for 6 months to a year before I bought it. The odometer, which is working at present, indicates the car only has 128K miles on it. It may be that the rings are stuck. I heard that engine flush can damage an engine, but if all else fails, I will give it a try. Thank you for the advice.

Apparently, when I test drove the car, both times, the dealer had let the car idle before I got there, so the cold start problem wasn't apparent until I got home (200 miles away). He did disclose that the warm-up regulator might be faulty, but didn't say anything about the engine. I did anticipate spending some money on this car, since I purchased for only $1000. The dealer is located 200 miles from here, and I don't think he would be willing to help me out. Most everything else on the car is fine. Do you know of anywhere that sells M110 engines for around a grand?

I have resources and contacts that would make rebuilding the engine a viable option. It's just a question of which would cost more: a low-mileage used engine, or new/machined piece parts (I'm trying to keep this under $1000)

Yes, there is a significant amount of white smoke that comes out of the car when the engine is cold. I guess this would be a sign of oil burning inside the crankcase?
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