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The 722.6 fully electronic five-speed transmission is fill-for-life if you're LEASING the car.

I didn't believe a word of it, and when I pressed my Zone Rep, he admitted that if it were HIS car, he'd change the fluid and filter ever 90,000 kilometers (about 55K-miles).

I had the dealer do it at 90K, and the fluid was new-looking and no debris in the pan. They know how picky I am, and allowed me to see.

$10,000 to Starmark the car? That would have been enough to send me running! I think the W140 runs about $3000 tops. They must feel that there is LOTS of work that has to go into the car, and it's $$ they can't recoupe from the selling price, so they're trying to get the prospective owner to pay. Ridiculous!

Does anyone know, is Stu Ritter in Illinois? You need to find a good shop, ASAP!!
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