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I am not from the Provo area, I just found the car I bought on the internet, and it happened to be in Provo. So I went there and bought it, then drove it home without incident. If you need a few places to consider taking your car, I have listed the places the previous owner of my car took his to have it worked on, based on the invoices he gave me with the paperwork for the car.

The Clarke German Auto Service, LLC is located on 1725 South State Street, in Provo, phone 801-375-0556. I have never been there but the prices for work does not look bad, about $200 for a tune up, without parts, consisting of changing fluids and filters and plugs and doing something to make sure it passed the Utah emissions testing.

There was another place I got an invoice from, German Car Service, on 4325 South 300 West, Murray, Utah, 801-264-9911, where the valve seals, timing chain, cam cover seals, and valve cover gasket were changed.

Then there is an invoice from Import Auto Center, can't make out the address, but the phone number is 801-374-8881. Had a fuel pump relay changed and the transmission and differential fluid changed there.

Finally, the compression check I paid to have done was performed by Ken Garff Imports, 531 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah, no phone listed on the invoice page I have.

The car seems fine, after putting on over 3,000 miles. I will be changing to Mobil 1 grade 0W-40 oil this weekend. The previous owner was using 30W Valvoline, I believe. At any rate, the car leaks and uses next to no oil. I have replaced the oil cap as it was cracked (and so noted on the Clarke German Auto Service inspection report that was attached) when I got the car, but nothing else.

Hope this helps if you were looking for some places to work your car. Jim
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