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ummm... well... I seriosly don't think you need slicks on the back of your car. You have a 177hp Inline 6 for crying out loud, you shouldn't be chewing up tires, and if you are, its cause you are running slicks, which wear down a whole lot faster than regular rubber. And, if you do manage to peal out... please share the method... I wanna know how to do it on my 300E :-) As far as everything else (acceleration and cornering) is concerned, just get any normal tire. Like I said, its almost impossible to break out the rear end on a 300E. The only way I can do it on mine 92 300E with ram air modification, is to hit a 30mph turn at 60mph... and then floor it so I hit the kickdown switch, wait for the engine to kick up to 5-6k rpm, all while turning, and I can get the rear to break out in a nice powerslide. My car has some H rated michelins on it, Pilots I belive, all weather, not great traction, but like I said, its impossible to break them out under straight-line acceleration, and if you are continuously bringing out your rear end in city driving... you are putting your neck on the line... (I don't mean to come across in a negative sense here... im just jealous cause you can use fast acceleration and 300E in the same sentence... I couldn't without feeling like a big fat liar, whats the secret?!)
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