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Boy was I worried with all the smoke that thing put out. I was sure that I had a coolant leak and was burning water too! I put on the bumper and air box and took it for a drive. The rear pads were stuck to the rotor but they loosened up. Drove it a mile or two back and forth. The temp was way up when I drove in which made me realize that I couldn't ghave been burning water because there wasn't any in the block until the thermostat opened up. That took all the coolant I had in the radiator which is why it got hot. I should have removed one of the plugs on top of the head and fillled the block with coolant.

That was last night at about 2am. Went out again tonight after tightening up the power steering pully bolts. I guess I didn't torque them down and the pully was wobbling all over the place. Got those tightened and drove about 4 mile at about 50 mph. Can't really notice any smoke any more but it feels like it's not hitting on all cylinders. I'll pull plug wires and see if I can find one that doesn't make any difference when pulled.

This is the best part...

The oil pressure now will only go down to 1.5 bar when hot now!

It used to go to ZERO before the rebuild.

Change the rear pads and fix the muffler and I just may pat myself on the back.
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