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Dirty Ern
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Thanks form the info on the wood removal. I have problems with the climate not operating properly. I dinked around trying to get the wood off and almost broke it in frustration, then did a search and found your post. The wood on the W123's pulls right off and I thought it would be the same for the W126's.

Do you have any experience with the climate control? I've seen some threads that mention soldering as a fix but I can't figure a way into any part but the bottom that exposes the printed circuit board, and all of that looks OK.

I found a black plastic box and an aluminum box both with a large multi pin plugs connected to them. They are both behind the glove box. Do you know if they are part of the climate control system?

Thanks again for the tip on getting into two areas and thanks for any help you may lend on the climate stuff.

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