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re: allen head adjustment in valve body per Mike Freeman
make sure all valve body mounting bolts are properly tightened,if bolts are ok there is a small allen head adjustment on the right front of the valve body.
turn this screw out,but don't start with large adjustments maybe 1/4 turn at a time.if you go too far the r.p.m. limiter come into play.
these adjustment should only be performed after checking condition of cable and it's adjustment.
the description of this adjustment that Mike Freeman suggested makes it seem worthwhile rather than just springing for a new valve body. it appears to be less of a job (parts and labor-wise) than replacing the valve body itself. the problem as it appears to me is that each adjustment requires a drain and fill. i would be happy if the WOT & kickdown shiftpoints went up 1k rpm. any suggestion on how much to turn that screw to get this result? also, it seems that the new valve body may need adjustment anyway? BTW is that the "shift control pressure valve" that is being adjusted? is that the hole directly under where it is indicated in the picture?

i would really appreciate input on this one as it is a non-critical problem for me. there are other areas of the car i can spend the $600 on.

thanks guys
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