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Thanks for all the responses so far. A couple more issues.

Since I oil change day before, I have noticed an oil leak (its engine oil, I checked) - its just a few drops (may be 10-12) overnite, a little towards the driver side (from the middle of the car), and a little backwards from the front wheel axis (I'm trying to explain the coordinates of the points where I find the leak - I put a paper under the car at night). Also, the leak is at two spots, about 5 inches apart. Now, every time I get the oil change done, there is some drippage for a day or two, and then it stops totally - never seen any oil on the ground ever. This times its been 2 days, and its still dripping. Could it be that the tech has left the drain plug loose, or the filter is not fitted properly? Or is this a symptom of the oil sending unit leaking? If its the oil sending unit, why didn't it leak before the oil change? WHat could trigger the oil leak to begin just after the oil change? BTW, my guy uses 10W40.

I plan to go under the car tomorrow and check out the exact leak spot. In the meantime, any suggestion, idea would be very useful. Also, where exactly is the oil sending unit located in this car (85 190E 2.3)?

Thanks a ton.
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