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C230 trans

MB doc and Benzmac diagnosed the need for an updated valve body and trans controller. MB Doc - diagnostic champ! .

The problems came back and slowly got worse as we exceeded the 800 miles that the dealership said was needed for the car to re-learn our habits/driving style. The techs drove it, agreed there was a problem, checked the fault codes (which included high fill times for k3-8). So they went in and found "chatter marks on freewheel units and shaft the cause of slips". They "replaced freewheel units, sun gear and shaft, adjusted all clutch packs to specs with snap rings and clutch plates, replaced all seals as necessary. Erased codes, reset adaptation and readapted transmission. Test drive found transmission to be shifting as designed after repairs." Parts last time around included the updated controller and valve body. This time it was sealing comp; trans fluid; sun gear 210-270-11-44 and 210-272-08-07; freewheel; 5 snap rings; 1 gasket set; 1 trans oil FI; 4 rings, general, 007603-014104; 1 disk spring; 2 outer disk; 2 cleaner. they also said a faint noise I heard from the rear was a diff mount, and a new one had been ordered.

So, the warranty ends in January, and as I understand previous posts, so does the coverage on these repairs! Does all the above sound likely to have been needed work on a trans with 27,000 miles, a way to nail DC on warranty work, or a way to encourage me to buy an extended service plan? The dealership people were very nice, they gave me a new E320 to drive while they did the work, and the service rep is known by my independent tech (who once worked for this dealership). Is a service contract worth while on a car that has already needed a trans rebuild? Any advice appreciated.

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