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Lightbulb more people to GTG before we choose a place

I looked at how many people want to do this, its like 10. From what I can tell, the most interested members are in CT, NY state, and MA, with intrest from NH as well.

(Hattarasguy- Watkins Glen is 5 hours away from Milford CT)

That puts MA in the best central location, with W.Mass, ie, Northampton, as the most central point for all interested parties, with a slight lean towards the NY line, depending on the distance BioBenz is willing to travel...
so, here are my thoughts.

Mont Holyoke State Park has Mt. Tom, convieniently located off I-91 in MA.
Mt Tom is available for group events and offers hiking, biking and sightseeing.
There are many cool country roads to cruise and Northampton is 10 miles away and a cool little place to visit in the spring.

Now, it is really only a coincidence that I live in Northampton, but I am really looking out for everybody when I suggest this as a central point to GTG.
I would be happy to be point person and make calls RE: park day use and what that actually means.

But here are a few time/mileages from google maps:

Orchard Park, NY to Mt. Tom- 6 hours- 381 mi (ouch)
Milford ,CT to Mt Tom- 1.75 hr 90 miles
Boston to Mt Tom- same as Milford, CT
Portsmouth NH to Mt Tom- 2.5 hrs, 150 Miles

So as I see it, it really depends on who's coming. the more people from the West the farther West it should be, East and farther East, etc. etc. But thats just my $.02.

However, we should come to a consensus fairly fast as people who want to attend will need to make arrangements.

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