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Dave Larson
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116 bigger swaybars?

As we move to the winter season I move from a small Porsche to a big ('79 300SD- 116 chassis) Benz. I kinda like the "big-car ride", but I can't help but wonder if there aren't a set of stiffer swaybars from another model (6.9L? police or taxi pkg? aftermarket?) or a means of adjustment that would reduce body lean in transient maneuvers. I have learned to drive in a "stately" fashion, but some lane changes and winding roads are still a minor adventure. Shocks are brand new but moooshy Boge replacements. 205/70/14 Michelin Artic Alpin tires.

Not trying to build a handler, just cut the sway. Any reasonably priced way to do that?

Thanks, Dave Larson.
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