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Randall Grubbs
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If you do a search you will find a lot of info on this.

The shift lever is attached to a shift bar which attaches to a shift lever on the tranny. On the end of both shift levers is a bushing which degrades and the shifter gets sloppy. On my car one of the bushings was missing altogether.

Go to the dealer and get 2 bushings. Access is from under the car. The whole assembly is located on the driver's side of the tranny.

The bushings are very stiff and difficult to install. One attaches at the end of the consol shift lever and the other to the shift lever attached to the tranny. I used a bolt with 2 big washers on the ends and squeezed the bushing in as I tightened up the nut on the bolt. I also removed the shift arm from the tranny so I could do the work on the workbench. Nothing has to be done on the inside of the car.

'94 E500
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