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Check coolant temp -- should be 87 C or so. If not, bad thermostat. Easy to fix.

If the temp is OK, you have a bad temperature sensor -- this is why your aux fans won't run. Get it replaced, again easy. Could have a broken wire, too, althoug this is rare with a Mercedes (NOT with Volvo, though!).

You are running in open loop startup mode -- will kill your milage, your ox sensor, and your catalyst. Catalyst is expensive!

You may also have a bad fuel distributor if you have the older fuel injection system -- common problem. I don't know when MB changed to the LH type from the K-Jetronic. If the distrubutor is bad, it will be expensive to fix, and my mechanic has been having fits getting good replacements -- put three on a car before he got one that lasted more than 5000 miles! If it is bad, you will be trailing black smoke!

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