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H1 bulb, Fuse, or Wiring?

The car is a 99-E300TD. The driver side fog light is not working.
I removed the old bulb by opening the hinged door of the lower panel - under the car. The bulb filament was broken.
Safety issue - the bulb is pressurized so if it is dropped could brake and pieces of it may get into the eyes. Wear safety glasses and gloves.
I bought a new H1 bulb. By the way the part number 000000 000268 of the original bulb (Philips 12258) has been replaced with part number 000000 000375 (Osram 641508).
I placed the new bulb in its location. Then I turn the fog light on. The driver side is still not working.

I took a look at the fuse box - located under the hood, on driver side. After I open it I found a fuse designation sheet (Part number 210 545 19 00) dated July 31, 1998. None of the functions listed on Side 1 or Side 2 is for fog lights. The entire E-Class (300, 320, 430 and 55) has fog lights.

Now my question: Could be a typo on the fuse designation sheet? or the fog lights are called something else?
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