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Yea my GPs have the same as yours and made in france. Bought one from the dealer and the other 5 from AutoZone. sameo-sameo.

Well after 2 hrs- got the Intake man. and fuel lines off, the old GPs out,-installed the new ones and just finishing off putting all the ancillary nuts and bolts and brackets back on. Turns out the Int. Man swings back just far enough to get at all the GPs. dont need to take it out. Broke a few rubber overflow lines to the injectors but no big deal. Just snip and re-incert.

Not a bad job actually. It helps if one has the right tools. There are some very tight places in there.

Thanks for the info on the manifold and fuel lines. Gave me enough confidence to do the job. Couldn't figure out how the heck to get in there. I suspect it would be major bucks if done by dealer.

thanx again
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