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You want it different but the same?


How about removing the engine, tyranny, drive shaft and rear end and replacing the components from a 500E? Only a little bit of weight gain, and a whole lot of speed gain.


Okay, how about removing all of the body panels and replacing them with carbon fiber panels, or just leave them off! Lot of weight saved.

Not quite what you’re after?


Okay, how bout removing the complete interior, the glass, the carpeting, and screwing in some boxes upon which to sit. Plus remove the spare tire, and everything in the trunk, even the trunk lid, and keep the gas tank near-empty? Plus of course, provide some goggles for all aboard...

Of course, that would take it down a step or two in the luxury category…

You see, the folks at MB really did think it through, and they were offering a very comfortable, excellent performing and safe vehicle with a reasonable amount of HP. For those who wanted all the above except more performance they also offered the E320, 400E, E420 500E and E500 plus the E55. Guess what? They all weigh within a few hundred lbs of each other.

The bottom line is that you’ll probably have to accept it for what it is, or be prepared to substantially lighten your checking account in the pursuit of performance


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