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'93 W124 Passenger Air Bag removal

I have a 1993 500e with a squeaky A/C aspirator fan. It's tucked up under the passenger side A/C duct. The way you change is is apparently by going in through where the passenger side air bag is. Does anyone have the procedure for removing that air bag? I can see one good-sized bolt from below that I know is involved, but I'm not sure what else needs to be done.

Does anyone out there have the "official Mercedes-Benz service CD-ROM" for the W124 chassis? Would it give me this information? Is it otherwise worth the $159.00?

FWIW, I have subscribed to for this car, and it was helpful in figuring out what the squeak is coming from, but falls short in how you change it. It looks like it's pretty easy for cars with the glove compartment rather than the passenger air bag.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Barry Bentley
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