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Just bought 500E for $5000!!

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted on this board, since I sold my pearl black 500E about three years ago. However, this morning I was looking through the local Ann Arbor paper and found a local fellow selling a champagne/black '92 500E for what seemed a very good price. Long story short, I ended up purchasing the car for $5000. I am so excited!! I will be picking the car up later next week and posting pictures then. The car has 300K miles on it and the motor runs really rough, clear title though. The body has a few dents on it and the wood trim is missing aroung the shifter, but everything else is complete.

The main question is, where can I get a M119 long block from? I thought that the only difference with the 500E from the 500SL was the induction system and that the motors were otherwise identical. Is this true?

I figure with a good engine, new transmission from MB, new bushings, lots of Renntech parts, and some minor clean up, it will be a good car

So does this seem like an okay deal?

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