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126 sunroof angle lifts (argggghhh!)

Trying to get angle lift brackets back in my 1984 300SD. Apparently they were broken during a thorough repaint and were not replaced (sunroof wedged closed and switch disconnected). If I had the old pieces it might be obvious how it goes together, but they're long gone. I've got all the rest of the sliding only sunroof together and operational, but I can't tell if these angle lift brackets were riveted in or srewed in the side rails(tough to see, even with the rails out). The roller guide brackets are in place but the plastic rollers are shot also. Do the replacement angle lifts rivet in? (remove entire sunroof frame?) Can they be pop-rivetted w/o removing the frame? Since it's a lousy pot metal part does the replacement have easier installation (ie. screw in to the side rails)? Or do they only attach to the top cross piece with bolts and set in to the side rails w/o a solid attachment? Checked archives here and my CD and need more info., particularly if you've done it before. I understand these lifts are a little pricey and wanted to see what I'm in for before ordering the parts.
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