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There are 2 seperate fault code pages. 1 is for ignition on/ engine off and the other is for ignition on/ engine at idle. I'm guessing yours is ignition on/ engine at idle. The 60% means "speed signal at CIS-E control unit present". This is not a fault code that is stored when there is a problem, but rather it tells you when this system is actually working. I think that you do not have your Fluke 88 multimeter connected properly, so here's how to do it...

1. Connect the test leads: black to ground - red to pin #3 of the diagnostic socket x11.

2. Set the meter to DC volts.

3. Push the "Hz" button 2 times. This converts the volts scale to %.

4. Push the "))))" button 1 time. This changes the polarity indicator from positive to negative.

If it oscillates you are O.K. If it is holding 1 percentage steadily, let us know and we'll go from there.