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Question W124 vs W126 vs BMW

Hello all,

I'm interested in purchasing 2 cars from Germany. The cars must be 15 years old to the month to comply with regulations. So manufactured December 1986 or older, if I purchase now. I can wait a couple of months if needed to get the right cars.

This is where I need your knowledge and experience to help me make a better decision. In the years of 1985 -1986 -1987, which cars after years of ownership have proven to be the most reliable and cost effective models? I'm not sure if I want a W126 since it's so big, so that is why I'm thinking about the W124. ( I own a W201 now and don't want another one). Is there a difference in quality/reliability in these 2 chasis? The cars that I think I want are 300 CE. First I have to find out when the first ones were made. I thought it was 1986 in Europe , but it may be 1987...does anyone know?
The engine in these cars in those years is the 103.983 I believe, and how has this engine held up? How does it compare to the V8 in any of the W126's?
The other thing is that I found some cars that are from 1986 that have less than 100,000km on them. How can one tell if the mileage is original? Are there certain things to look for that are a dead giveaway with mileage on these cars?
The only other thing is what mechanical differences are there between the Euro versus North American cars in those years

Thanks in Advance

What about an e32 735i BMW ? Does that compare to these cars?

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