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R Easley
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Good afternoon, Paul --

The long needle nose pliers are used as a "press" to install the bushing in the shift lever (which is not removed when installing new bushings). The long screwdriver is used to assist in doing this, too (by pushing in the bushing while squeezing it with the needle nose pliers). Note that we are not talking about long needle nose pliers, we're talking l--o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng needle nose pliers, to the tune of about 18-24". Once you've purchased these (at Harbor Freight, they're about $12 for 2: a straight snout and a 90 degree snout), you'll find yourself using them regularly. They make the bushing job markedly easier.

Note that when you install these bushings the first time, you'll think that you are tearing them up when installing them. Don't worry, they are very resilient, and once they are installed, they'll spring back to their normal contours.

When you purchase the bushings, buy at least 3 sets (6) of them -- they're less than a $1@ and you'll want to have spares. Also, MB has a new and improved retaining clip that is much easier to R&R and I would buy 6 of these, too.

Richard Easley
Waco, Texas
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