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Insurance Question

I know this isn't a technical question, but really couldn't figure out which section to post in. If this is incorrect, I apologize up front.

Right now, I am insuring 5 vehicles, 3 of which have full coverage. Living in a small town with many elderly citizens and a low crime rate, the rate is probably cheaper than most areas.

Even with my job being considered a "professional" position (I was told this DOES make a difference), 28 yrs old, having a 5 year good driving record discount, multi-car discount, etc, etc, my 6 month premium is about $1200.

At what point should one consider removing collision/comprehensive coverage? One car is relatively new and has a fair amount of value, so I know I'll keep full coverage on that one. But right now, I am still carrying collision and comp on the 87 300SDL and on my 89 Buick Park Ave Ultra.

According to my carrier, I would save about $240 every 6 mos pulling full coverage from the MB and an additional $165 by having liability-only on the Buick. This seems like a significant dollar amount, but really don't know what I should do...

Any advice would be appreciated.
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