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This is your choice, of course, but keep in mind one thing: Insurance companies are in business for one reason: to make money.

They have already calculated their risk by pooling you with a bunch of other drives, and estimating (fairly accurately) what they will pay out in claims for the pool you're classified in. You are paying them your portion of their projected claims payouts, plus a profit. If you claim nothing, you lose. If you make a claim and its your fault, you're covered, but up goes your insurance premium (most likely), so you're paying for some portion of the "coverage" right back in the form of an increased premium. So, you still lose to some degree.

If you make a claim and you're not at fault, they can't raise your rate, but they can use this information when deciding whether or not to renew your policy, which may result in a cancellation, and you then will end up getting a new policy with a new company which will charge you more due to number of "incidents" (regardless of fault). Again: You lose! See the trend here?

The bottom line - you always lose with insurance. My theory is take as little as possible, in the long run (ie: you're entire life) you'll be ahead assuming the absence catastrophic events. However, most people are not financially capable of "self insuring" themselves and dislike unexpected upfront expenses, and thus elect to buy lots of coverage.

If you're wondering, I do have full coverage, but thats due to a few "other" factors other than what I just listed.
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