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We currently insure our

1998 C230
1998 E300
1988 Mazda 626.

Premium? $1213 a YEAR for full coverage on all three!

We carry collision on all, even the 'ol Mazda. The premium for the Mazda is only $45 for the collison portion, so it's cheap and handy in case the other driver is not carrying coverage. It doesn't matter that it's the law, many drive without proper coverage.

One big thing to me. We will NEVER drop the collision coverage as it means that even if the other driver is at fault, and properly covered, it means your cars gets fixed ASAP, as it's covered under your collision coverage, and then your claim is covered when your insurance company recovers from the other driver's company. No waiting for investigation etc. If it does turn out to be your fault, or shared fault, your company has already paid on your collision, and then marks a strike against you. Beats the crap out of losing your car.

We have replacement value on the C230 and E300, which expires this coming summer (not for cars over four years of age, we got an extention on the C230 as it's "birthday" falls in the middle of our policy) This costs more than the standard policy.

We save money by having $1000 deductibles on the MB's, and $250 on the Mazda.

We spend a little more because we have loss-of-use, which means we get a rental regardless of the claim.

We also spend a little more to get a rider that we are entitled to OEM factory replacement parts. No jobber or used parts.

We spend less as I have a "no aftermarket stereo" rider on all three.

We get a nice discount for the SmartKey on both MB's.

All said and done, the collision premiums are worth it to me for peace of mind. Shave a couple bucks elsewhere, all IMHO...
John Shellenberg
1998 C230 "Black Betty" 240K
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