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I had a 1990 190E 2.6 I sold to my Dad at 102K, and he's at 300K now. Here's the problems he's had:

1. Rear main seal sweating, has been for some time. Won't be done until other major work or becomes a leak.

2. Front flex disk is shot, will be done soon.

3. Timing chain and tensioner done at 200K, peace of mind.

4. Left headlight wiper on the blink.

5. Front ABS sensors are shot. Will do after Christmas when flex disc is done.

6. The transmission is getting a little bit slower at shifting into reverse, should be examined soon.

7. The cruise hasn't worked for years. I never fixed it, and Dad probably doesn't know it's broken, as he's opposed to cruise control "It's called driver control, ya know..."

8. The alternator needed brushes at about 250K.

And that's it! It burns no oil. The top end is fine. The head gasket does not leak. The body is tight. The AC is cold and never had anything go wrong. The shocks are original. The paint is shiny. The ACC works perfectly. It starts no matter the weather, and runs strong.

I/Him did/do:

Mobil 1 every 5K.
Tranny fluid/filter every other spring.
Brake fluid every other spring.
Coolant every other spring.
Final drive fluid every 50K.
Power steering fluid/filter every other spring.

Seems to be working...
John Shellenberg
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