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Smile 124/126/240D!

I've been reading 3 www forums re: MB model before purchasing '88 420 SEL 3 weeks ago. Despite $700 at local European repair shop (timing chain/guides/valve cover gasket,) I can not be HAPPIER with my 420 than ever!

Smoooooth ride.
Quiet (sh!)
Affordable (what's $8,000 for a QUALITY MB machine?)
Strong acceleration.
CLASSY looks!

I've sold realestate for 3 years in a 240D - clients often said, "Nice car - What is it?" and were amazed it was an 18 year old car.

The 420? Well, people think I make a lot of money now!

Older is better, on a cost-basis, IMHO.

Mark Brown, Bellingham, WA
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