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Johnson Chan
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WOW! you guys have good rate. I just turned 21, considered a profesisonal (full time work, own my own biz)/also full time student (pre med)

The only discounts i get is good student, airbags, multicar. I got into an accidnet a year ago and it went up.

1) on my daily driver 92 300D i have full coverage and it cost me almost $300.00/month. my other car is laiblity and almost $100.00/month, so just in car insurance i pay $400.00/month.

2) i recomend that your daily driver should be insured. if your other cars just sit in the garage or rarely driven, then uits worth the risk of just liablity.

I lost my 86 190 to an uninsured motorist. I had liablity and they didnt have anything. BTW, this is when i was 17 or so. She did over 10 grand worth of damage to my car and smashed the bumper over half way into the trunk. My car was totaled and since i didnt have full coverage i didnt get paid anything. in the state of MO (or my plan), your insurance covers unisured motorists but only medical and not property. Before that i also got into a few accidents that i had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for repairs. My dad convinced me to get liablity only and i got screwed.

The moral of the story is, yes i saved a couple hundred a month but within a year i lost thousands of dollars. full coverage is teh way to go!
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