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What should I do?

OK, my car is now eight years old....It is an E220 W124. It is now getting to a stage where I'm not sure what repairs will be needed next. As much as I like to think that a Benz is a reliable car, I have to face the fact that they will break down and it will be expensive.

My previous 190E 2.6 cost me a fortune to repair even though it had done very little kms. It certainly made me think if it was wise to continue with the marque.

Back to my E220. At this point in time, I cannot honestly say that the car drives any better than a newer car costing the same. Maybe it feels more secure, but then again it requires more effort to drive. My wife complaints about the stiffness of the accelerator, which I have to admit that I have no answer for. The transmission has never been smooth like any Jap cars and there are heaps of fuses and relays to muck things up!

As I love the rest of the car, the timeless look esp., I am wondering if I am silly to put up with all its faults, current and future, or should I just move on.

I've driven cars like the Audi A4, Passat V6 and they are so much more responsive etc. I'm sure they will all eventually break and I'm wondering if they will cost the same to maintain.

I'm rambling on here...., but I am interested to know why so many of you guys are happy to keep paying good money to keep your cars on the road. Judging by what I have read over a couple of years, Mercs are not any more reliable than other cars.
So is it just the badge thing, the design, or what? Love to hear any comments.
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