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I don't carry Collision/Comp

I only have basic liability AND uninsured driver.

If I'm in an accident and it's my fault, I lose. If it's the other drivers fault his insurance pays or if he's uninsured - my insurance pays.

I don't worry about the time it will take for the other drivers insurance to pay as I have more than one car I can drive.

Insurance companies make their money on your fear - and they never lose. Guess what happens in you are in an accident and your insurance company fixes your car. You pay for it with higher premiums.

I don't believe in paying for something (insurance premiums) for something that hasn't happened (an accident).

I protect myself with liability and uninsured motorist coverage and rely on my good judgment and driving skills to not be at fault in an accident.

Just my two cents....(that I have from insurance savings)

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