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To sixto

I want to import a car or two for the sake of doing it. Who knows maybe I may do it for more often for fun and turn a small profit out of it. I do agree with the fact if I were importing a model that wasn't available in North America or an Alpina or something rare, then it's a little more understandable.

I do realize that there are tons of w124s and w126s reasonably priced, but the the condition is a topic on its own. I know the money I've spent on my W201 is more than most would, and in the end, it still needs more work and if I want to sell it, I'll only get about 30 % of what I invested into it on a good day. So, I won't sell it for that reason and I'm embarassed to say how much I'm into it for. One thing leads to another and then one day you realize you're in too deep.

The cars that I have found for sale here seem to have rust and many rust related problems. By the way, I'm in Canada. Also, I find that people around here think that a Benz is a car you buy and don't have to maintain, because it is a Benz, you just drive it. That is my experience here. You can see W126s driving around with no shocks because they don't want to but new shocks, etc... Rust caused most of my misery with my W201. Any car that goes through our winters and all the salt must be undercoated annually otherwise be prepared to spend more $$. ( That is my opinion and experience) Anyone who had a great working car that has been pampered doesn't want to sell it anyway.

Also, no offence anyone, but in Germany they have very strict inspections on their cars considering that some of these people drive on the Auto Bahn at speeds in excess of 130 m/h , so the cars have to be in tip top condition, and also I find that people there generaly take better care of their cars. Parts for these cars are also cheaper there, which helps too.

The reason I know this is because I've owned Euro cars that were purchase from Germany before when I lived overseas, so I'm speaking from experience.

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